Playground and sports marking based in the Midlands, working nationally.

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Sports and playground markings can be laid on a number of different surfaces using a range of high quality products. Typically paint or thermoplastic is used depending on the surface, and if you want them to remain in situ for a long time or prefer to make more frequent changes to the markings or layout. Sports and educational institutions, local authorities and councils, as well as private businesses are just some of the customers we have worked with over the years. 

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There are many different types of surfaces we work on for indoor and outdoor sports markings including grass, synthetic and tarmac. Playground markings are typically marked on tarmac using pre-formed thermoplastic markings. There are a wide range of designs to choose from including traditional games such as hopscotch to compasses, maps, snakes and ladders and other games. Playground markings are designed to be fun, educational and promote socialisation between children. Studies have shown that children are more alert in lessons after having the stimulation from playground markings during break times.

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Playground markings

"Thank you so much for the playground lines. They have really brightened up our playground and we can't wait to see our children using them. Thank you particularly for your help planning what we should have, it was really useful."

- St Thomas Cantilupe School