Playground Markings

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There are many obvious and not so obvious benefits to playground markings for children. Not only do they encourage play and interaction, they also promote fitness and coordination. There is a wealth of markings to choose from for children of all ages.

Having worked in schools for many years carrying out playground and sports markings we know the best techniques to achieve the highest standard of work. Research done into playground markings for children shows that there are numerous benefits to children’s social skills, as well as problem solving, fitness and agility.

Children who are stimulated through play come back from break times refreshed and ready to learn. Statistically less playground injuries occur on playgrounds that are marked; having a carefully planned playground and zoning greatly reduces the risk of injury or accident.

Thermoplastic markings are pre-formed allowing you to choose the designs to fit in your space and for the age group.

Thermoplastic vs paint for playground markings

Playground markings are most often marked using thermoplastic markings. There are many benefits to marking in both paint and thermoplastic, depending on the design and style you’re after.

Paint is a cheaper product that produces colourful designs using stencils, and accurate, clear lines using laser guided technology. If you are planning to change playground markings frequently paint is the more logical choice.

Thermoplastic is a durable and long-lasting product that doesn’t fade like paint, saving you money over time if you are not planning to make changes to the layout regularly. There are many colourful thermoplastic designs available that engage children and help to stimulate interactive play.

We understand that schools often have to work to a budget and we can adapt designs to help you keep within it. We offer advice on the best use of space available and can help you plan for maximum effect. With our extensive experience and product knowledge we can ensure you avoid pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

Types & designs

Playground marking designs are a wonderful way to get children outside, stimulate their cognitive and motor skills and get them socialising with others.

The pre-formed thermoplastic playground markings come in a range of different styles including games, education, animals and fitness. Playground markings are also available to suit different key stage levels that will complement shared playgrounds.

Focus on one theme for the playground or incorporate a mix of markings to add variety. These bright, interactive and educational markings will keep children entertained throughout break times, allowing them to come back to the classroom re-invigorated and ready to learn.

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School playground markings

"Please pass our huge thanks to the team. They were a genuine pleasure to have around school. Their attention to detail, willingness to work with school and general good humour made the whole line marking experience run very smoothly. The children are delighted with their new markings; the fitness trail, chess board and target throw are particular favourites. Teachers love the number squares and number lines, and even parents have remarked on just how bright and colourful everywhere looks. I'm sure we'll be having you back for further work in the future."

- Lyppard Grange Primary School