Sports Markings

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Having clean and clear sports markings are essential for play, no matter the sport. If you’ve got limited space it’s worth considering a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) so that you can incorporate more than one sports court in the same space.

Sports markings and configurations can be laid on many different surface types, both indoors and outdoors including tarmac, concrete, wooden and vinyl. If you are an education or sports establishment it’s great to be able to offer a number of different options for play, especially when you can offer them for private hire.

MUGAs are a great alternative if space is limited, as a number of different court lines can be marked on the same space in different colours. Courts are marked according to industry standards and colours. We follow guidance from Sport England to ensure we are up to date with the latest regulations.


MUGAs, or Multi-Use Games Areas, are enclosed indoor and outdoor sports areas laid on synthetic, grass or hard-standing such as tarmac. They have multiple lines in different colours to allow for different sports to be played, such as tennis, football, netball and basketball.

MUGAs are popular in rural village communities and inner city urban areas where space is limited, as well as in schools, colleges and universities.

MUGAs provide valuable recreation facilities, usually constructed with a high perimeter fence. Flood lighting is a regular feature as this allows the court to be utilised for longer. If you are a school this is a great income generator as the space can be hired out after hours.

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Sports Courts Maintenance

Maintenance, repair and renewal are all key to ensuring sports courts are clearly marked for play and remain in good condition for as long as possible.

Looking after your outdoor sports courts is essential for the longevity of the line markings. Over time algae, moss and debris builds up on the surface impeding grip and drainage. Using an algaecide alongside a pressure washer will bring a court back to life. If the surface is left too long without maintenance it will eventually weaken and disintegrate, also known as fretting.

Tennis court painting, also known as colour coating and zone marking, delineates the area and prolongs the life of the tarmac surface. Before marking the use of a binder will hold the aggregate together, extending the life of the court. Using acrylic and polyurethane paints will have your old court looking like new, without compromising drainage. You can find out more about looking after your sports and playground markings on our blog.

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Sports Court Markings

We use industry standard sports court markings and premium products to ensure your courts stay clearly marked and ready for play.

We mark all type of sports courts and pitches on a variety of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. Click the link below to view our specifications for a variety of different sports.

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Netball Court Markings

As our markings from over two years ago were still in excellent condition, both indoors at outdoors, we decided to use Parallel Lines again to mark out our netball court. It looks amazing. They even picked up that our existing centre was not the correct size and changed it for us, without us having to ask. Thank you.

- Holy Trinity Catholic School